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Shark Rescue

Bali Sharks is a conservation nursery offering an alternative to young sharks to have a safe haven until they are ready to be released . They offer eco-tours which are ocean friendly and for all ages & experience levels.

Bali Sharks is located in Serangan, a 30-minute drive from Nusa Dua. Not only is it a shark sanctuary, rehabilitation centre and ultimately release point for various shark species. But it also offers tourists the chance to swim with and feed these amazing animals.

The Serangan Shark Project, better known as Bali Sharks, offers you the rare chance to do so, by getting in the water and getting up close with over a dozen black tip reef sharks in a special nursery. There are many marine activities on the island that gives you the adrenaline rush and the fun in the water, but only Bali Sharks offers you the chance to swim with sharks – and a with a noble mission to educate, spread awareness and better understand the species.

The eco-tour suits all ages and experience levels. Even non-swimmers can enjoy feeding and the up-close encounters. The tour also visits Serangan Island’s turtle conservation and education centre, only several minutes’ drive from the nursery site. Paul and his team also constantly try to educate the locals about the various rare shark species. For international visitors, it’s a constant challenge to bring light on the misunderstandings and fictional accounts that paint sharks as vicious, man-eating creatures. The in-water activities are guaranteed safe and the exhibits are perfect for children, as they provide fun learning with the aid of real live specimens, add this experience to your Best Bali Tour list.

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