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Ubud Trekking


Ubud Trekking is a essentially short walk that provides compelling insights into Ubud culture & nature , including a close look at rice terraces / rice paddy farming, ( Subak ) traditional Balinese irrigation, Ubud local people and animal. It is very pleasant to walk through the fields surrounding Ubud,  The trekking guide will take you to discover amazing historical sites, visit ancient temples and enjoy the natural beauty of Ubud.

Ubud Trekking Package

Tjampuhan Trekking

This adventure will start from Tjampuhan river valley path and will continue to Bangkiang Sidem village the traditional village of art and craft after passing the village you will see local farmers activities and beautiful rice field and then we will visit Pucak Payogan Temple ( This temple was established by Rsi Markandya “the holy person of Hindu” in the 9th century )  at Payogan village and then we will go to Lungsiakan Village and Sanggingan village  and will stop at Tjampuhan bridge. Along this trip you will see green lush scenery and nice panoramic view of Tjampuhan valley.

Middle Ubud Trekking

Trip start from Abangan through the paddies path walks and continue to Kelabang Moding the rural Bali village and then  go to Sakti village here we will see the traditional Balinese irrigation and beautiful rice field and we continue to passing Sambahan village and will finish at Ubud Palace. You will face a nice rice terrace view and interesting village and along the trek we will find local traditional local people activities.

Ayung River Trekking

This trip will start from Kedewatan village, Ubud and start the journey in front of Dalem Suargan Temple. Then we go down along the small forest until we reach the bank of Ayung River. Followed the path, then you can find a small traditional bridge hanging on the Ayung River where we have to pass, if we are lucky we can see the colony of monkey when passing the bridge. After passing the bridge you will find the activities of the local people taking sand from the river up to the village use a traditional pulley. Besides that you also can see rice field after.

Price :

US $ 46 per person / package (minimum 2 persons)

Additional cost are applied for the 3rd, and others (US $ 35 per person)

Additional information:

  • For guests who stay around Ubud, the transportation is free of charge.
  • For guests who stay outside Ubud, will be charge the transportation cost amounting US $ 46 / Car
  • Its better if start trekking in the morning where the weather is fresh ( around 7am)
  • Appoximately duration : 2 – 3 hours.


  • Cold mineral water
  • Fresh face towel
  • Air Conditioner return transfer
  • Friendy speaking english guide

What should be brought?

  • Camera / Handycam
  • Boat Shoes / Shoes
  • Hat
  • Sunblock
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